The Sunshine Blogger Award!

I don’t take credit for this photo!!  I’m not sure who made the original but creds go to them

So I was nominated/tagged for the Sunshine Blogger Award!!  And I’m basically super excited because its been foreverrr since I sat down to blog and it feels so good!!  So thanks for tagging me, Julia!! aka

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~it is not me~

It is not me.

When I’m in the lights, when all eyes are fixed on me.

It is not me.

They see an object, something to judge, something to break, a device void of emotions.

And if I am somewhere under the uniform, the smiles, the makeup.  It would not matter.

Because what they see is what I become.

So if you ever wonder, is it really me?


It is not.

2017// Become.


“New Year new you!”

“This is the year for change!”

“Be someone new this year!”

“Set goals and accomplish them!”

“Be a better person.”

“Do better at school or work.”

They say it all, as if they believe it.  It’s a new year, and people expect change.  To run from expectations is not allowed.  It’s almost like an alternate reality, where people are forced into this false impression that along with the change of year, you too must crawl out of your shell and become something else.

But the entire truth is this:

Nobody should become a different person.  New Years is hard for some people because they miss this fact.

The goal is not to change.

The goal is to become.

Changing is a decision you make once, but becoming is a decision you make every day, a choice that you continue to face for years.

So become a better person.

Make a choice.


It’s not surrendering your old self, but improving until one day you look back, and see how far you’ve come.




My Novel//


ireland picA

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help?  My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.”  Psalm 121:1-2

((These are my words and under no circumstances do I want anything to be taken from this page.  If you would like to quote a section of my work in your own blog, you may PM me for permission.  Thank you.))

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I LITERALLY just finished my rough draft!

After about a year of prepping, planning and actually writing, my glorious rough draft is finished!  For some people, this may be rudimentary, but for me, this is something that I’ve dreamed of accomplishing since I was a kid.

It’s been a crazy year for this little novel in the works.  It’s gone from being a flyaway inspiration to a full-fledged draft!  I wish I could thank every person who has pushed me to keep writing when I felt like I couldn’t, but the list would go on forever.

Everyone who has gotten me to this point, you have given me something that is extremely precious to me, you have given me my dream.  I know I’m far from publication, but honestly, that really doesn’t matter.  The fact that I’ve set an impossible goal, and achieved it, that’s what matters.

You learn things about yourself, when you spend hours writing through someone else’s eyes.  And I have learned SO much through this phase of my writing dream.  I hope that someday I will have a published novel of the journey I experienced with my characters.

So thank you to everybody who’s done something as small as dropping me a hint of advice that gets me up when I’m down and of course to everybody who’s totally drug me back to the drawing board, because I know this is just the beginning of that!

If you want to follow the rest of my publication journey, I’ll keep you posted right here!  I’m working on a post all about the setting and plot of my novel which should be out in the coming months, stay tuned friends!:D




My Blog

Hey everyone!

I have officially started a blog!  Wait…why did I do that again?

Well here you go.

This blog is for writers.  If you write as I do, you surely know what its like to hit a wall and wonder why you started in the first place.  Sometimes all you need is something to read.  Something to take your mind of the piles and piles of scribbled-on paper sitting at the bottom of your trash can.

So writers, this blog is for you whenever you need it.

But wait…this blog is also for everyone else.  Friends, you cannot have a writer if there was never a reader.  So dears, this blog full of life adventures, short stories and everything in between is for you too.  And I desperately hope you like it.